Our Team

Our Team
AKER PLASTICS management, is a management that embraces the company, instills high motivation to staff, focus on more growth and industry leadership goal with all employees.


Lets know a part of effective staff, composed of 52 people, who have believed the most important distinctive features, “quality, hygienic production and customer satisfaction” target , with respect to other plastic packaging producer companies ensuring the the continuity of the development and production.

Kazım Erarslan

kazim [at] akerplastik.com.tr

Alper Erarslan

General Manager
alper [at] akerplastik.com.tr

Erdinç Erarslan

Vice General Manager
erdinc [at] akerplastik.com.tr

Berk Erarslan

Business Development Specialist – Mechanical Engineer
berk [at] akerplastik.com.tr

Sercan Kıran

Marketing Manager
sercan [at] akerplastik.com.tr

Burhan Dinç

Purchasing Manager – Chemical Engineer
burhan [at] akerplastik.com.tr

Muhammed Zaher Kadi

Export Specialist / IT Systems Specialist
sales [at] akerplastik.com.tr

Gülay Erkahraman

Production and Planning Manager – Industrial Engineer
gulay [at] akerplastik.com.tr

Mustafa Bayram

Quality Control Manager
mustafa [at] akerplastik.com.tr

Murat Nail Söğüt

Laboratory and Quality Officer – Chemist
kalite [at] akerplastik.com.tr

Sedef Vatansever

Finance Officer
sedef [at] akerplastik.com.tr

Organization Chart

Organization Chart


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