AKER PLASTICS promises of responsibility for our environment.

AKER PLASTICS has committed himself to be a leader in spending effort in the name of protecting the environment and is determined to accord all environmental friendly practices that is appropriate for their business area. Focusing on sustainable strategies and environmental improvements is a part of our operation as well as our corporate culture. We want to share with you our vision and one of our continuously improving methods to provide high quality products, services and competitive advantage.


Company’s Corporate Environmental Policy

AKER PLASTICS, has committed himself to be a leader to spend effort in the name of protecting the environment and is determined to accord all environmental friendly practices appropriate for his business area. Our policy is to protect efforts for the prevention of environmental pollution by being adapted to all applicable regulatory, legal and other obligations. AKER PLASTICS, is willing to use all material and methods to minimize the resulting waste products for reducing or eliminating the negative impacts on environment.


AKER PLASTICS, has applied a consistent Environmental Management System (EMS) fulfilling the obligations of ISO 14001 International Environmental Standard, and. International Environmental Standard. Our Company’s Corporate Environmental Policy is; to define our position in International Environmental Management System (EMS) standards, determine our position, to increase the impact of our existing activities on the environment with the participation of our employees, providing the regulation and review of the environmental objectives and targets.


Environment Mission Statement

AKER PLASTICS, is committed to being a representative in charge of the environment. This commitment reflects to products and services we offer to our customers, design and operation of our facilities, business conditions of our employees under which they work, and interactions in our business-partners which we live.
We have chosen to become environmentally responsible officials for healthy living, for our employees and our neighbors to be healthy. In this respect when we undertake all the tasks on our part with a sincere belief whether it is personal or related with business, to have a positive impact on the environment and to create difference will make us happy.
We realize the need to take initiatives in line with the continuing efforts to reduce costs, and to increase efficiency. This is an important area to do a lot more, not only for the protection and storage of resources, but also to leave a livable world for future generations, will continue to be the focus of AKER PLASTICS.


Energy Saving Initiative


  • Environmentally friendly, mercury-free, eco-friendly light bulbs have taken place of AKER PLASTIC’s all lighting systems in offices and work areas (plants). Replaced lighting system offers environmental benefits, sophisticated lighting and energy saving.
  • Significant reduction in electricity consumption has increased by about 8 degrees of mold cooling temperatures.
  • By minimizing the effect on costs a positive trend was obtained in consumption.
Benefits of the Protection of Natural Resources
  • Through the use of systems that do not require the use of paper copies of all written procedures, work instructions and in so on cases, the use of paper is eliminated.
  • All payment data is distributed through electronic media.
  • A computerized data network has been established including the existing systems, for key personnel to reach all the necessary information.
  • Duplex copying is encouraged when the use of in-house copying is required.
  • Good Environmental Practices (GEP), has been implemented to determine the attitudes and behaviors of all employees in the organization. Avoiding unnecessary use of materials provided energy reduction in recycling and also prevented material waste.
  • In order to eliminate the use of glasses with high burdens of recycling, coffee cups and drink containers are provided for the own use of employees.
  • For reducing energy consumption and switch to sustainable energy sources, the lights in the empty units of the facility are turned off and all units have office supplies made of recyclable products.


Recycling Initiative

All office paper and paper products, plastic containers, steel and aluminum containers thanks to a recycling center provided by AKER PLASTICS would be collected with the contribution of all employees. The employees that do not have recycling tools are encouraged to bring their recyclable products to this collection center.
For the collection and recycling of wrinkled products and materials, these products and materials are sold to licensed recycling firms.
Re-use of plastic or disposal can occur in less than 1% waste with available recycling.
The re-use of refilled copier toner and printer inks are made available through an organization.


Carbon Footprint Minimization Efforts
  • AKER PLASTICS, has completed completed his research and evaluations to minimize transportation costs per load and carbon emissions, in order to maximize the efficiency and product development.
  • AKER PLASTICS, presents a recycle program to its customers, for the provision of return back of parcels used for sending the products for re-use.
  • AKER PLASTICS, is continuously developing method and conducting research for providing less energy consumption and less waste generation, and for new reusable products containing less material and packaging.

As AKER PLASTICS, we encourage electronic communication awareness through an advanced computer network that provides data transfer and SAP programs in order to make them take their place in human life and become a part of humans.


Environmental Management System (EMS)

Environmental Management System, is approaching the environmental problems by increasing the impact of our activities through employees involvement, reviewing environmental objectives and targets within the company through local networks.

These applications, all applicable regulatory and other requirements, intends to prevent environmental contamination by the required application and improvements. AKER PLASTICS, is committed to using material and methods in hand to minimize waste products and to reduce or eliminate the negative effects on the environment. AKER PLASTICS, on behalf of encouraging its customers about product distribution and how the packaging waste that may pollute the environment can be reduced, has cooperated its suppliers with the same environmental sensitivity.



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